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Laying Ground for the BIA

In the 2011 Ward 5 by-election, Ward 5 City Councillor, Bonnie Crombie committed to establishing a Malton BIA if elected. In the first 6 months of 2012, Crombie hosted three meetings with businesses in Malton to discuss the BIA, even going as far as to deliver flyers by hand to the over 325 businesses in three languages in the Malton BIA area.

The process for establishing the Malton BIA followed the legislative requirements of the Municipal Act, 2001, which allows the City to designate a business improvement area. Before passing the bylaw, notice of intention to pass a bylaw was sent to the business property owners representing more than 350 businesses in the proposed boundary area. Following the 60 day notice period, the City received no objection from more than two-thirds of business property owners indicating support to form the Malton BIA.

Following the June meeting, a steering committee was struck, which was led by Board Chair Sam Kohli. This committee formally asked Mississauga City Council to approve a Malton BIA. The steering committee also proposed short and long-term goals for the new Malton BIA which among others include:
• installing new entrance signs and banners along the BIA boundaries;
• placing benches and flower planters and other streetscape architecture;and
• developing a website and fostering relationships with local community groups to promote the Malton community and its businesses to Mississauga and a wider regional community.’

In September, City Council approved a corporate report that recommended a Malton BIA be created based on proposed boundaries and with the approval of area businesses.

DECEMBER 13, 2012

City Counsil Approves Bylaw to Establish Malton BIA

With a unanimous vote, Mississauga City Council approved a bylaw to establish the boundaries of a new Business Improvement Area (BIA) in the Malton community, Ward 5. The boundaries include businesses along Airport Road from Thamesgate Drive to Derry Road, Derry Road from Burlington Street to Rexwood Road and Goreway Drive from Derry Road to Morning Star Drive

The inspiration for the Malton BIA came from Ward 5 Councillor Bonnie Crombie with hopes the new BIA would have a strong influence on Malton making it a rich, healthy, accessible and prosperous community. “I am sure having a BIA will help Malton become a commercial, social and cultural destination for the entire City.”

“This is a significant step in the growth and prosperity of Malton,” said newly elected Board Chair, Sam Kohli of the Greater Toronto Executive Centre. “The idea of a BIA in Malton has been around for some time, but it took our champion, City Councillor Bonnie Crombie, and a dedicated group of business people to make it a reality. I am confident in our team and excited about the difference we will make in this community.”

JANUARY 31, 2013

Malton BIA Elects its Inaugural Board of Directors

At the Malton Community Centre, Members of the Malton BIA steering committee elected the BIA’s first board of directors. The group had been working with City Councillor Bonnie Crombie for a year to form the BIA, create a board of directors, approve a constitution and begin work on a budget for 2013.

The BIA directive is to revitalize the business district in Malton through activities like hanging banners, improving landscapes and investing in advertising and community sponsorship to ensure that all residents in Mississauga and the GTA are aware of Malton and encouraged to visit.