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Malton BIA One Step Closer To Reality


September 18, 2012

Mississauga, ON – The proposed Malton Business Improvement Area (BIA) took one step closer to becoming a reality last night, as the City’s Planning and Development Committee approved a staff report recommending its creation.

“I’m very excited by the progress we’ve made on creating a BIA,” said Ward 5 Councillor, Bonnie Crombie. “I know that a BIA in Malton will be a significant benefit to the community, and it will help to put Malton on the map. It will bolster economic development, create jobs and enhance the community. We’ve got a great steering committee and an energetic chair and I am confident that this group will do great things for Malton.”

Over the next 60 days, notices will be sent out to all businesses in the BIA catchment area. If less than 1/3 of the businesses object, the creation of the BIA will proceed through a by-law that will be presented to City Council sometime in early December. If approved, the Malton BIA will start collecting funds and will be able to start their work in early 2013.

“It’s great to see this moving forward so quickly,” said Malton BIA Steering Committee Chair, Sam Kohli (Greater Toronto Executive Centre). “Councillor Crombie has been driving this and we are happy to support this great initiative. A BIA will allow us to grow and attract more people and businesses to Malton. It’s exactly what is needed to revitalize this community and make Malton a destination.”

At a breakfast hosted by Councillor Crombie in June, 2012, business owners in the Malton area came together to form a steering committee with the intention to form a Malton BIA. On June 20, 2012, they submitted their request to City Council and it was approved unanimously. Since that time, City staff has been drafting a report that recommends the creation of a Malton BIA.

During the Ward 5 by-election campaign, Councillor Crombie committed to starting a BIA in Malton. Last night’s decision by the Planning and Development Committee means the Malton BIA is one step closer to becoming a reality. Since January 2011, Crombie has hosted three breakfasts for businesses in the Malton area. Over 75 businesses attended these breakfasts and expressed interest in creating a Malton BIA.

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Office of Councillor Bonnie Crombie