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Find out more about the Malton BIA

Welcome to Malton’s Business Improvement Area (BIA). By operating a business within the boundaries of the Business Improvement Area you are automatically a member. The following information has been compiled to help answer your questions about the BIA, what we do and how to get the most from your membership.

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[accordion-item title=”+ How does the BIA work?”]

Malton BIA is run by a volunteer Board of Management elected from its members. The Board is nominated at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) and once approved by City Council, serves a four-year term concurrent with the term of Council. The Board works on behalf of its membership and meets regularly to develop budgets, set priorities, implement capital improvements, plan festivals, and promote the business area. The City Councillor of Ward 5 in which the BIA is located also serves ex officio as a member of the Board.


[accordion-item title=”+ Who manages the BIA?”]

The BIA is being managed by Stephanie Scott, under the direction of the elected Board and under the bylaws stated in the BIA Constitution.


[accordion-item title=”+ What is the relationship between the BIA and the city hall?”]

The Malton BIA is a nonprofit association. The Board is a “Board of the City” similar to the Library or the School Board. We are a community stakeholder group that advocates on behalf of our tax-paying membership. The BIA enjoys a cooperative relationship with the City and its various departments and staff.


[accordion-item title=”+ What does my membership cost?”]

BIA membership fees are based upon the rules established by the Province of Ontario.

Your BIA Board sets a budget which is allocated amongst the property owners in the BIA as a cost (BIA rate) on the commercial assessed value of the property.

A special levy is added to the property taxes of every owner located within the boundary.

The City of Mississauga Finance Department calculates levies each year based on the commercial assessments of the properties within our boundaries.

Your membership fee is shown on your property tax bill and is calculated as a Commercial Assessment * BIA rate = membership fee. The City of Mississauga remits the fees collected to the BIA which then spends them as they were budgeted.

All property owners in the BIA area as well as business tenants are automatically members of the BIA and are entitled to participate in the affairs of the BIA.


[accordion-item title=”+ How can I get the most from my membership?”]

Your participation is critical to maximize the benefits of your membership. Read, share and participate. This organization is made up by YOU. We work best together to create the best showcase for the Malton business community.

Your business or property can utilize the many opportunities created by the BIA by:

  • Connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter
  • Informing your staff and customers about the activities and events happening in the BIA.
  • Attending meetings
  • Participating in promotional events
  • Keeping your business information up to date by notifying the office with any changes.
  • If you are a property owner with tenants, provide us with contact information.


[accordion-item title=”+ What does the BIA do for me?”]

The mandate of the BIA is two fold. To beautify the area and to promote Malton businesses.

Each year the board will decide the best way to invest funds to accomplish these mandates.